Gamejam Prize Reveal!

Hi all!

The gamejam co-hosted by Glitch, Cover and Fairplay is coming up and it will only take a little over three weeks until we start. It can be found here:

This time we’ll announce the big prize we got in store for you. But first, how will we judge? The submissions to the gamejam are being determined by a set of judges and also by all of you!

After the gamejam ends on sunday at 17:00, we will have a week long judging time. Exactly one week later we will reveal the winner. The community will rank the games first, after which the highest ranked games are considered by our judges for the final prize.

Now, without further ado, here is our prize:

You get to smash a car with your friends using a big hammer! Yeah, you heard that right and we’re serious. Together with up to 4 people you get to smash a car that is ready to be demolished.

For more information have a look at

Enter the Discord channel for our gamejam here: It’s useful for getting into contact with us, or other people who are looking for a team. It will also be the main contact channel with all the teams during the gamejam.


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