New year, new Fairplay

Hopefully everybody is healthy and has enjoyed their vacation. We here at Fairplay are busy preparing everything for the upcoming year and would like to show you a bit of what we are working on. Due to Corona we’re planning both physical and digital events, such that in any case we can all remain active together!

A large new focus for Fairplay will be offering new things for new games and extending our community. We want to bring together all passionate gamers from the Groningen area, whether you are a casual player or an avid eSporter. We’re planning to host new competitions for games such as Rocket League and League of Legends, furthermore we want to host training sessions and masterclasses for those games as well. We will do all this without compromising the quality of our Smash offer of course!

Here is a list of what we’re working on currently:
– A keiweek workshop on Augus 13th for both Rocket League en Smash
– A live Q&A session on August 14th around 14.00
– ESN demo presentation on August 29 or 30
– a (smaller) Super Smash Bros tournament in the beginning of the academic year
– Intro tournament on September 18th for both League of Legends and Rocket League
– Competitions for both Smash en Rocket League during the first half year

We hope we all get to welcome you again in the near future, be this either physically or digitally. If you want to reach us, our members or just like minded individuals you can come by via our Discord!

Hopefully we’ll get to see you there!

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