Coronacrisis and Fairplay

As you all know by now has the COVID-19 virus also surfaced in the Netherlands. Luckily, many measures have been taken in order to tackle the problems that may arise from this virus. Because of this, also we, as Fairplay, are doing what we can to help. This means that for the upcoming few weeks we won’t host any weekly nights. Also MetaMorph 4.0 is something we think about, however any decisions about that are for now postponed to a later date. The reason for cancelling the weekly nights is twofold. For one, we don’t think it is beneficial for anyone’s health to sit cooped up together in a room for now. Secondly, the ACLO and sportscentre are closed for this period as well, they host our room and so we couldn’t host any nights even if we wanted to.

Nevertheless, we are Fairplay and luckily our fields of sports is an exception to the rule. We don’t need to be on the premises in order to practice our sports. So if you have had about enough of all of this Corona talk like many others, come and join us on the Discord! You’ll find plenty friends/rivals/competitors to play with and keep up your social contact during this time of social distancing.

We hope that everyone is at home and healthy. We also hope to see all of you again once this is all over. We’ll keep all of you posted on when that is going to be, for now though: We’ll see you in our Discord!

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