We’re Back!

Hi there! It’s a new year and we are back! This promises to be a year full of new activities and opportunities for Fairplay and its members. On top of keeping our Smash Ultimate scene going and hosting training sessions, competitions and tournaments, we also plan on bringing new games to the table! Plans are in the works to host CS:GO and League of Legends tournaments! Keep checking us out over here, on our Facebook page or on our Discord (links for these can be found under contact)! On top of our competition and trainings we also have plans for targeted casual sessions and non-gaming related social activities. We also provide half-year subscriptions now, for those students not around for the entire year!

In short, we have many things planned for you this year. We will evolve and see where this year will take us. If you want to be part of the fun in any of this don’t hesitate and drop by some time! We’ll see you there!

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