Grow and Test your Skills!!!

First off, our weekly events will always be on Wednesday starting next week. Next week the main focus will be on practicing competitive Smash, as it’s our first trainings night.

For next week, we’re giving a presentation about some of the more basic mechanics from smash 4 and tips on how to improve. Besides that, we will be watching your games and playing against you to give more specific tips.

For our Melee enthusiasts, we’re trying to also get our cities top melee players there so you guys can have a good practice session too.


Secondly, there’s a Smash tournament in Groningen scheduled for this Saturday: Hyperfocus September. Hyperfocus hosts monthly tournaments for Smash 4, Melee and Project M every last Saturday of the month from 5 pm usually around 11 pm. The tournaments are held at Jimmy’s, Herestraat 100.

More info and registration:

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