Fairplay is the e-sports association for students in Groningen. In cooperation with the ACLO, we want to promote competitive e-sports and above all have fun doing so. That’s why we organize trainings and competitions, but also more relaxed activities. We aim to create a relaxed ambiance in our association where you do not necessarily have to compete, but can also interact and talk about about your favourite games!

At this point we organize training sessions and competitions several times a week for several different games. Those interested in gaming are guided to improve their game, or simply have fun. We are open to any game, feel free to shoot us a message and talk about any game you want. We have enthusiasts for just about any game or console such as League of Legends, CS:GO, Smash, or Rocket League. But not only competitive games, also single player experiences, speed runners, party games and more! Other games will also be available during our weekly nights, LAN-parties and other activities. These other activities range from bowling to bar crawling. We have an active discord community as well which allows us to keep in touch with everyone.

With our association we are establishing a community. Everyone interested in (social) gaming and competition is more than welcome! You can come and join one of our weekly nights to get a feeling for how things go for up to 3 times! You can beat your friends in a few friendly games, or make tons of new friends on one of our casual nights! There’s always something there for everyone and the best thing? These first times are free of charge, only after this we ask you to become a member. By then paying the €30,00 base yearly fee (with an extra yearly fee depending on that game you want to train for) will be peanuts as you will not be able to go by one week without us! With your membership you’ll be able to attend all our events at a heavily reduced fee and be able to compete in our competition for nice prices! So don’t waste your money on venue fees for only our events, just come and join us for the entire ride!

As you can see there is simply too much to tell you. Just come by and see for yourselves, we’ll hope to see you there! We come together on several nights a week. You can usually find us between 19:30 – 22:30 and join us for an evening of fun and competition!

You can find us in the Willem-Alexander Sportcentre, for more info see the discord, signup to the newsletter or send an email!



We regularly organize tournaments to promote e-sports. This includes both internal and external competition. On top of that, as Fairplay, we will participate in events in other parts of the country. We will also participate in other external events to show of our mad skills!

Weekly nights

Are you sick and tired of that one friend consistently beating you in some game, or are you the friend that is consistently beating your friends in some other game? Well, we can help both of you! Every week we organize an event. These events consist of educational nights, competition nights, casual nights and other special events. You can up your game during the educational nights, test your skills at a competition night, or simply relax a little and make some friends during one of the casual nights!


Fairplay represents a community of like-minded enthusiasts. We are settled in Groningen, but we are also in contact with other e-sports associations from all over the country.

Social Nights

Every two weeks we organise social nights. Social nights are a place to get to know your fellow members (and members of other student sport associations) better. It is held at our regular bar. For more information, sign up to the newsletter or have a look on our Discord!


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Herman “Fate” Doze Secretary

Herman “Fate” Doze

League of Legends
Age of Empires
Mount & Blade

Linus “LINX” Denning Treasurer

Linus “LINX” Denning

Super Smash Bros Ultimate
Rainbow 6 Siege

Jordy “MrShroom” de Lange Chairman

Jordy “MrShroom” de Lange

Hollow Knight
Beat Saber
Super Smash Bros Ultimate

"But how can I join?"


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You can also just come by at one of our weekly nights!
You can sign up there or hand in the form as well.
See you there!

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